The high cost of cheap photography

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Cost is always an issue when it comes to weddings. Deciding on your budget and importantly, sticking to it is a key requirement for many couples planning their day. But for us there is one cost that cannot be shaved.
Fashions and trends change, venue hire can be negotiated, but memories last a lifetime, which is why your choice of photographer is one of the most important decisions you can make.
We are always surprised to hear of couples who think nothing of spending thousands on decoration and detail and yet when it comes to photography they recoil in horror at spending more than absolutely necessary. We truly believe you really do get what you pay for with your wedding photography and we know the excitement that awaits your return from honeymoon, reliving those precious moments.

Cheap photographers can come at a high price which unfortunately won’t be realised until it is too late. A great photographer would not need to take on your wedding photography months in advance for a few hundred pounds.

The hours put in by a photographer is many more than you would imagine. There is the initial consultation with you, they will go to the venue(s) to familiarise themselves, liaise with you and your wedding planner, have another meeting with you nearer to the day to run over the day and the shots you want, shoot for at least 8 hours on the day and then their fun and hard work really does begin with the hours and hours of editing.

This leaves the question to how (or why?) some photographers can shoot weddings for such a low amount? Is this a hobby? Are they fresh off of a course and trying to build a portfolio? Do they just shoot wedding after wedding without caring about the quality? Or is this just the shoot fee with the web link/photographs/albums etc. being extra?

We have heard time and time again people complain that they have booked what seemed like a cheap photographer to keep their costs low yet they haven’t worked out as inexpensive as it may first seem. If the initial fee only includes a few hours of their time then everything else is an unaccounted for additional extra. The extra’s can make that inexpensive OK photographer more expensive than a great photographer.

When selecting your wedding photographer, ask around for recommendations, either from friends, family or a wedding planner. This is the one area where recommendations are absolutely essential. Always ask to see examples of previous work. Get to know your photographer, make sure you are happy with their approach as the way in which they interact with your guests will have an impact on their ability to produce great images of your day. You should check that the person you are meeting is the person who will be taking the pictures on the day. We have all heard horror stories of the charming photographer you booked being replaced with somebody you had never met before and who you may not have that same rapport with or who has no real understanding of what you want from your photography, of the scruffy photographer who looks out of place and unprofessional, the moody photographer who made the couple feel self conscious and awkward or the photographer who has no presence and is unable to get anybody to do what he needs them to.

The one area I always tell my couples to spend well on is their wedding photography. Your wedding photographs are what will record all of those details you worked so hard on achieving, they will record everybody who came and will be your memory prompt for years to come. For any friends or relatives unable to come they will show the whole picture, from you getting ready, right the way through to your first dance. A great photographer will catch moments you missed and the emotion of the day. You spend months and months planning every little detail, why risk not having them all recorded?

And out final tip? Book well in advance!


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