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London Wedding Planner

Creating a wedding should be a celebration, but all too often the build up to the big day can feel intense and stressful. Working with a wedding planner helps to ensure that you enjoy every moment of your wedding, including the preparation during the days and weeks beforehand. Our approach is more about creating memories, and less about spending money, which is why encourage couples to think about five key factors when choosing a wedding planner.

Number one is impartiality. Having a wedding which reflects you is what makes a wedding day special. A wedding planner who works independently will give honest views, and won’t be tempted to go with a particular venue or supplier simply because they get a discounted rate which they fail to pass onto you.

Our second factor is again about you (there is a theme here!), and in this instance it is about knowing who the client is. A wedding planner should make you feel like you are the most important people in the world. Because on your wedding day, you are, for one day only, the most important people!

Third factor? Using that impartiality to make the difficult decisions. You know the ones, the discussion about budget versus number of guests. Or the difficult decisions about seating arrangements that need to be made with sensitivity and care.

Our penultimate factor – The ability of the wedding planner to play the ‘bad cop’. It’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement. Rash decisions can cost a lot of money. Good wedding planners are tough negotiators. They will play the ‘bad cop’ to your ‘good cop’ in terms of negotiating with suppliers.

Final factor: Find a wedding planner who can balance that business acumen with a sense of style and creativity. The two characteristics shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.

Good luck!