Containing the numbers when the guest list spirals…

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London Underground TableplanWho to invite, and critically, who not to invite, is one of the biggest headaches when planning a wedding. It can be an awkward, uncomfortable affair, complicated by family ties and commitments. The most important thing to remember is that your wedding is yours. A good starting point is to begin by considering what you want your day to look like. After you have spent some time visualising the day, then begin the guest list. Write out all of those you could invite in full, and then determine the limiting factors – budget, size of venue, whether you had visualised a smaller affair, and with this in mind, start to reduce the numbers. You might also want to consider those that you can invite to the evening reception, versus those that might attend for the entire day.

If this still doesn’t get you close to the number you need to hit, call upon the help of a trusted friend, or better still, your wedding planner. Just by talking through your decision making process with an objective listener can help. Alternatively, your wedding planner can help come up with some creative solutions you may not have thought of, tapping into the expertise of other suppliers, including the venue.


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