About Us

London Wedding PlannerOrchid Weddings exists to make things easier for you. Deciding upon a wedding planner can be a big decision.

Some couples consider a wedding planner absolutely essential. For others, it feels a little extravagant at a time when you need to save for the big day.

The truth is a good wedding planning service not only creates a wonderful day to remember, it should also save you money.

We think of ourselves as a safety net. Sometimes we are needed all the time, on other occasions, we are there to just provide a little support when needed. And either option is fine!

By working with a team of trusted, reputable and highly professional suppliers across London, KentĀ and the South East of England, we create seamless, stress free wedding days for our clients. Every one of our suppliersĀ are known personally to us, and is tried and tested. Because each supplier is independent, we do not take any form of commission, but rather negotiate deals on your behalf and pass on any discounts.

Our planning services can include the design as well as the execution of the day. We regularly develop colour schemes for clients, and then working through every detail, create a beautiful day to remember. There when you need us, blending into the background when you don’t.

For other clients, we simply provide an additional pair of hands on the day, ensuring that guests are well looked after and entertained throughout the ceremony and reception.

If you are looking for a wedding planner, then even if you are unsure of where to start, please feel free to contact us.